Dear friends,you have been few to wrote me that this American brand is copying one of my model, this other too, another one make a book with the pattern of my bigmushi...etc...

I appreciate your kindness, really.

And find all that so sad and disappointing.
And going to defend my rights.
After, I will need to thinking about that, maybe it is time to find a different way? I don't know....

I know my visitors and customers, you, are intelligent people and I would like to ask you something,
very simple to do:
when you see copies, real, in identical, do not hesitate to write it on the blog of the brand,
do not hesitate to leave in their comments a message saying it.
At least their customers just will know.
They will hesitate before beginning again.
Anyway, many thanks to all of you for your kindness and your support. That's what I keep.

(and sorry for my english ;-))



About cute things, you can see into my shop few new models of this combi for baby,
variation of a one of my summer 2010 model.

worn here by the adorable Rosalie in 18months

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