6 years ago, Les Zigouis had the chance to meet an audience very quickly, 
thanks to the internet and the South Korean market. 
Passionate about French quality and style, they were instrumental in helping us develop our collections 
one after the other, year after year. 
The search of a particular style has always dominated our work, regardless of trends, 
and we stay strongly committed to responsible manufacturing practices, 100% made in France.

Since its creation in 2009, we have been very positively surprised by the quick success of our brand and 
we have focused all our energy and passion on creating unique models, developing and manufacturing them, 
as well as on running our craft firm.

Unfortunately, since 2012, the brand name LES ZIGOUIS has been registered
in South-Korea 
and this trademark registration covers Europe as well.
The only damage control we could do against this attack was to register in France 
the brand Les Zigouis by Barbara Berrada.

Again, in this beginning of 2016, Les Zigouis has been registered in China too.
This means we are not free to use it as is.

Of course, we know these practices exist, that everyday ill-intentioned people will register brand names 
internationally to extort the real brand or to ask a licence fee in order to use it. 
That beats everything!
We stand against this system used by con artists and rather than being discouraged, 
we wish to keep on creating challenging and unique fashion for your children.
By buying our products (and not their counterfeit copies), 
you encourage us to keep creation and French know-how alive and we sincerely want to thank you wholeheartedly.

Our goal today is to raise awareness in the Asian market, mostly among patrons and resellers.
We are confident about their good taste, their expectations of a quality
know-how and their love of a smart fashion.
Please be aware that we have absolutely no licence neither in South Korea nor in China, 
and our products are only created, developed and manufactured in France by Barbara Berrada. 
If you come across products labeled LES ZIGOUIS, instead of LES ZIGOUIS by Barbara Berrada, 
you can be sure that they are counterfeits.
The list of our authorized resellers is accessible on our website.
Some of our iconic models have been counterfeited for many years now, mainly in South Korea, 
and we take this opportunity to thank our customers for their support and loyalty, for having kept looking
for the quality of the authentic items and thus, for having participated in our brand's longevity and its development.
More broadly, we want to take this opportunity to thank our clients in France and abroad, our resellers, 
as well as all the people who have helped us establish ourselves (printed media, bloggers), 
mainly through articles. 
We sometimes fail to mention them for a lack of time but never fail to be truly touched by them and their support!

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