And now, we go to the beach!

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allison a dit…

Coucou belle dame, voici les textes corrigés, si cela peut aider (ça sonne plus sérieux, je pense). bises!
Hello ,
I'm a reader and customer of Barbara Berrada of Les Zigouis.
It makes me really angry to hear that companies like yours are out there sneaking behind blogs, ready to steal designs to re- sell them as yours!
Hello?! what do you think you are doing? The blogger community is quite strong and if you continue like this I don't think it is going to do any good to your credentials and you will lose customers unless your customers are people who only buy cheap and fake design from other designers, which in that case will explain why you are doing this.
With absolutely no respect for companies like yours, I hope you are having an awful day.

An angry customer and follower of Barbara Berrada of les Zigouis (the real thing and made near Paris too...HA beat that!)."

if you prefer, you can use these words from Anaïs:

I'm sorry I just discovered what you pretend to be your own creations and I really have pain for you and your sad ideas.
Imagine you come up with a good ideaon your own,something that you feel good abou, and that you're proud of, and you want to share it and work with it… but somebody without imagination or inspiration on the other side of the world decides to copy the idea. It's just an ugly attitude. I feel very bad for you if you cannot create something different from Barbara / Zigouis's work. And I'm sure you're not proud of yourself. I'm sure you feel deep inside of you that you're wrong.
And I really wish you would think differently, try to find your own way.
Anaïs, a friend and customer of the original Zigouis brand by Barbara Berrada."

allison a dit…

D'ailleurs, mon texte à moi est plus court:
"MAYBE handmade by you, but DEFINITELY designe by someone else!"