Spring & Summer collection

retrailers campaign

If you represent a shop, and want to sell my products, you can write me at zigouis(@)free.fr .
When the S&S lookbook will be ready I will write you to show you the catalog and wholsales prices.
Unfortunaly I just have 2 hands so I can't work with many shops...

Many many thanks friends, to talk about my work, to buy what I make, for your very kind words around the world, and for this very nice story. It is so cool and kind .
(and sorry for my "shittesque" english)

kiss, kiss, babies!!
(mais j'embrasse pas avec la langue hein)

3 commentaires :

mirabellef a dit…

C'est beau !! (toujours et encore :))

La Rimule a dit…

Bon courage !
PS : la photo de la petite fille, c'est de ça dont tu me parlais (un post sur mon blog sur des photos de la Dépression aux usa) ? Bizzzzzzzzzz

Flotsam Friends a dit…

These shots are fantastic. So imaginative. Pruxxx