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JULIE ♥ ADORE a dit…

ça fait peur, en plus en double, ça te ressemble pas trop comme inspiration ;)

Laure a dit…

C'est étrange... et mystérieux !!
Bizzz Laure

toko baju muslim a dit…

Very good article. Congratulations.

Lise a dit…

J'adore j'adore!!!!

Debbie Schramer a dit…

hello, i love your blog. very inspiring, funny and wonderful. i am an artist and was wondering if you might be able to suggest some shops, children's magazines, etc. that i could sell my art to or have articles done about my art? i love the feeling of your blog, how quirky and creative it is. i would love to have my art out there more for people to enjoy. you can see it at:
would greatly appreciate any suggestions or ideas.
thank you so much,

Caterine a dit…

Magnifique! Tu les a trouvés dans un magazine?