the flying blue cat

Gérard is here

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julia a dit…


is that it????????????????????

Barbara B. a dit…

Hi Julia,
Did you imagine another cat? maybe a mask? is that it?
Anyway, Gérard is a flying cat and cleans cars when I ask him friendly (that can be practical)!

julia a dit…

it´s outstanding!
gorgerous.. and oui! very practical... even if i am a biker... haha... but maybe he checks the brakes from time to time if he´s getting into a car wash deficit...

i´ll do my order!

thank you so much, especially for starting my day with a big smile and a loud laugh!

Madame Lucienne a dit…

Il a une bonne bouille ce Gérard !

carine a dit…

Bienvenue chez ta maîtresse Gérard ! Tu verras, elle a des pensionnaires au poil, nés sous son crayon talentueux.