Llittle son is sick (an otitis) and must stay at home for few days again.
Then for lack of time I begin little by little to put few woman capes on my shop.

I haven't not yet answered everybody for portraits I will shoot during the sale at Piou but I am going to do it in the days which come.
to do too: going to try to finish preparing the sale in the daytime which come.

If you don't live in Paris don't hesitate to reserve articles on my shop (I close it on Friday morning until Monday), because after the great sale, capes & vests "les zigouis" will be in an other very nice place

carton-expo-noel-2009-02 (2)

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●●● a dit…

bon bah au moins je bosse mon anglais avec tes posts, perfect !! hope your boy feel better ... and this "blue" make a strange atmosphere, i like !!!

Barbara B. a dit…

(et c'est super pas facile pour une archi nulle in english comme moi)