let it snow



Kids are so happy to play with .

Very soon 200 000 visits on this blog, I shall make a small game. I don't still know what or how.
Thank you very much to visiting my blogs, and shop. Thank you so much for your orders.
2009 was sometimes really dark, 2010 looks more colored. Let us cross fingers!
Thanks for your many links from all around the world, for your sweet words too.

I want this (really love the colors)for me and this one for my husband!

3 commentaires :

la casita a dit…

Congratulations!...your blog is really cool and your stuff too!
Those sweaters are awesome and sooo cute, I'd like one as well :)
wish you a very illuminating 2010! ciao X

Eva / Sycamore Street Press a dit…

lovely photos, and lovely blog as ever. Happy New Year!

thea a dit…

LOVE these images!! super gorgeous!!

the pleasure is all ours to visit your blog, it's beautiful and you're amazing.